If You Can't Think Of A Good Reason To Do E-Marketing ... Let HQZ Help You

E-Marketing - Your Company’s Work Horse

hqz vision createsYour customers and prospects check their inbox all day long.  Are you reaching them using e-marketing?

E-marketing is an artform and requires careful coordination on an ongoing basis.  HQZ Experts understands the world of e-marketing better than most ... since we've been doing it for many years.

The secret is not merely in the writing.  It requires an understanding of the business community, the technologies involved and comprehensive knowledge of our clients.  With this fundamental information, we apply our wizardry to create effective marketing.

Below are five key marketing questions that we practice in mastering the process. Knowing the answers to these marketing questions helps us define components of effective web pages, sales letters, results-oriented PR, timely blogs, ad copy and other sales generating communications.

E-marketing - Who Do We Want to Reach?

HQZ Experts helps clients define detailed characteristics of your ideal prospect because it is important to be very specific. Once done, we develop a powerful sales message that appeals directly to their unique interests and needs. Prospects are more likely to respond when they feel you are talking directly to them about their individual needs.

What Action Do They Want to Generate?

We help clients decide what response they seek. Whether they want to get inquiries for their product or service, produce sales directly from their promotion, or build a list of qualified prospects willing to receive frequent offers, HQZ Experts helps clients develop an effective promotion quickly and expertly.

What Is Our Competitive Advantage?
We do the research for clients.  We help identify why prospects should do business with them instead of with a competitor with a similar product or service. Examples of this approach are:   

  • Do they provide faster results
  • Do they offer easier procedures
  • Do they provide more personal attention

Is Your Guarantee Better Or Stronger?  If You Can't Think Of A Reason - We Help You Create One.

We strategize with you to find ways to add something new to your business that you aren't already doing. Since competitive advantage can be responsible for 50%+ of sales, having a solid strategy is critical your E-marketing.

How We Prove Our Claims? 

We encourage clients to ensure that they provide proof of all claims they make. This is easily accomplished by using testimonials from satisfied customers. We help clients provide research data supporting their promise or claims and get endorsements from experts their prospects will recognize.

How We Create a Sense of Urgency?

Most prospects don't respond the first time they see your promotion. Instead, they delay making any response - then often forget about you. HQZ Experts ensures that our clients clearly state what their offer is and create the notion that the reader needs it, and then gets the 'word out', often.

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HQZ Removes The Guesswork From Marketing

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